Welcome to National Nurses Day!

May 6th marks the beginning of National Nurses’ Week. And to celebrate, The RN Podcast is celebrating with GIVEAWAYS and by hosting a podcast episode each weekday to commemorate nurses and all that we do. Learn more here!

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Kacie Boyden breaks barriers!

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Teacher at Wealth & Wellness LIVE, and owner of Palm Beach Hypnosis, Kacie helps people move past their fears, eliminate negative beliefs, and explore internal barriers that hold us back from living a life full of purpose, passion and prosperity.

In this episode, Kacie will guide us in a hypnotherapy session to help us discover mindsets of abundance and wealth as we take the journey to our subconscious mind.

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What you’ll receive from this podcast:

  • A real understanding of the practice of hypnotherapy and why Vegas has it all wrong
  • Why training is important in a hypnotherapy healing modality
  • A guided hypnotherapy session to help to obtain wealth and eliminate barriers in receiving it

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