Meet Marsha

The Lifestyle Design Strategist for Nurses

Hey there! I’m Marsha, founder of I help nurses like you escape burnout, follow your passions and create your own freedom in your career, business and life.


When I first started nursing, I was truly excited about all of the opportunities to come– and extremely naive of the true work environment… meaning the lack of resources and staff, the long days that sometimes turned a 12-hour shift into 14, the stress and exhaustion from not being able to take a decent break, and the bureaucracy of healthcare.

Despite all of those things, I loved being a nurse. But, I quickly realized that I was on the fast-track to burnout.

So, I decided to make a few changes that allowed me to focus my time, energy and attention on being in charge of me– my time, my schedule + my life.

I took an alternate route and created my own opportunities using my skills and talents as a nurse to free myself from burnout and start my own businesses. The first– helping nurses “travel for fun, not work” through RN Getaways and the second by giving nurses the tools and strategies they need to start their very own business ventures here at

And you can do the same!

Truth be told:

Without nursing, I probably would have never seen what was possible. I’ve learned that nursing is a lot more than taking care of patients. It’s also having the time, energy and freedom to take care of yourself as well.

Through my Nursing Lifestyle Design program, I help you do just that– love your career and love your life outside of your career, too, by teaching you the best way to design your own lifestyle around your passions and desires and/or by guiding you through the steps of entrepreneurship.

It is my goal to work with you in designing your ideal career and lifestyle. Let’s explore your options and get you on the road to freedom!


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