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In today’s episode of the Marsha Marsha Marsha Podcast, we chat with Alvionna Brewster, MSN-Ed, RN. She is the founder of BlackNurseEntrepreneurs.org, Planted Seeds Academy, and is an international speaker, author, mentor and consultant. Her passion is seeing people live out their purpose, fulfill their dreams and live life more abundantly. 

We speak to Alvionna about several of her favorite topics, her two books, advocating for herself in her own career, and then finally taking the leap to start her own business and creating a community around serving Black nurse entrepreneurs.

Alvionna has been a registered nurse since 2005 and currently holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.  She’s worked in numerous areas of healthcare primarily focusing on cardiovascular disease, preventative medicine and health promotion.

All of her experiences shape who she is today.  She has a strong desire and calling to share her experiences and knowledge to help others succeed.  Whether it is nursing, health/wellness, mentorship, business 101, or book writing, Alvionna is here to serve.


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