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If only you could push past the overwhelm of getting started, right?

Maybe You Could…

Or maybe you’ve already tried these things and none of them worked… You still don’t have your blog up yet. Ugh!

Just a few short years ago…

I was in the same place. And embarrassingly enough, I remember googling the word “blog” because I had no idea what the word truly meant at the time. But, it seemed like something I really wanted to do– have an outlet to tell a story and share some of my experiences in selfcare, career, and nursing lifestyle design. 

A few short months later, I was doing just that. Writing my first blog post.

Hi, I’m Marsha Battee. A graduate of Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies (Hoya Saxa!), a board-certified Registered Nurse and Fullstack Web Developer who’s been published since 2014 in online healthcare blogs and at my own blog The Bossy Nurse. I’ve also earned the iTunes New and Noteworthy designation for my podcast series interviewing Nurse Entrepreneurs.  

I learned about blogging through trial and error, made tons of mistakes, and learned valuable lessons along the way. And I would love to teach you my process. Plus, my web design and development background will definitely keep you on track!

I created the NURSE TO INFLUENCER blogging program to give nurses like you the step-by-step guidance you need to go from ‘IDEA TO BLOG’ in the healthcare space (or in your favorite genre) in just 8 weeks.

Let’s get it done!


1. You Have to Be an Expert at “X”

This is probably one of those beliefs that’s kept you (and other nurses) from taking the leap. You’ve probably been told that you have to be THE guru in your field. No true! We all have information to share, from our own perspective and experiences. Plus, you have a voice. Nurses want to hear it!

2. You Have to Blog about Nursing

Look… I love being a nurse. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. However, I also have other passions– travel, self-care, and helping other nurses with career building strategies. Blogging can be a great outlet for you to explore your other passions as well.

3. You Have to Have Thousands of Followers & Readers to Make an Impact

Having a huge audience is great, especially when they’re engaged and really care about hearing your voice. However, you don’t have to line up a huge following before you get started. Some blogging genres are geared towards smaller audiences, but can still make a big impact. Don’t let a lack of followers on social media prevent you from getting started. Your reading audience will grow over time.

Get more details about ‘Nurse to Influencer’ below.

Nurse Influencer - The Bossy Nurse -1
Nurse Influencer - The Bossy Nurse -1



A Creative + Technical Program


Never get stuck again! This 8-week COMPREHENSIVE program focuses on the creative & technical. Get all the details below! 


Your Weekly Round Up


Weekly recorded calls from Marsha to guide you through the program…. And since they’re recorded, you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat!


Your Weekly Bundle


What’s a program without the materials you’ll need to succeed? Your module bundle and prompt is delivered to your email inbox every week!


24/7 Private Forum


Work with Marsha and other participants in our private forum. Get your questions answered and support one another in the process.


Email Support Post Launch


No worries. You’ve launch, but you’re not alone. Get 1 month of weekly, personal email support from Marsha to keep you sane.


Your 2 Graduation Bonuses


It’s time to celebrate your official online launch. These bonuses will get you excited about the possibilities of what’s next.



If you show up by doing the work, engage with the community in our online forum, ask questions, watch the the video calls– you will have your blog up and running by the end of the program.

Click on each Module below to get more information. 

Introduction Module

This module sets you up for success. You’ll get the free tools and resources you need to make sure you have your blog up and running by the end of the program.

Module 1

Crafting Your Mindset – In this module we’ll take a look at mastering your mindset and taking imposter syndrome to task. We’ll plan out our time in the program, prioritizing your tasks, goals and the roadmap needed to actualize success in your blogging efforts.

Module 2

Crafting Your Vision – As Editor-in-Chief of your blog, we’ll craft your vision. We’ll do a deep-dive of your personal mission and examine your blog’s purpose and it’s message.

Module 3

Crafting Your Strategy – There are many different ways to put out blog content, and we’ll explore the different media available to help you get your message out and choose the best one for you.

Module 4

Crafting Your Content – What’s a blog without the content? We’ll put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and begin drafting your work. We’ll also work on the most important pages that your blog should have.

Module 5

Crafting Your Tech I – This is the first of 3 modules taking on the technical aspects of getting your blog up and running. Here we’ll explore website basics, domains and hosting… the necessities of starting.

Module 6

Crafting Your Tech II – Tech part II focuses on the framework you’ll need to have an online presence. We breakdown blogging platforms and guide you in selecting what’s best for you and your audience.

Module 7

Crafting Your Tech III – This is the build phase… what it takes for you to hit publish!

Module 8

Crafting Your Launch – We launch! Your message is out! Be proud of the work you’ve accomplished over the 8 weeks.

Bonus Module #1

Live Video Call – “How Health Professionals Make Money Online”

Bonus Module #2

Live Video Call – This Nurse to Influencer Program activity will help you “Instantly Grow Your Reading Audience”

Once You Sign Up…

You’ll receive your Introductory Module by email over the course of 5 days. In this Introductory Module, you’ll get the essentials you’ll need right away to make sure you’re set up for success. You’ll receive Module 1 and video call details right afterwards.


Each week thereafter, you’ll receive access to the next Module along with recorded call details and your Module bundles. Modules are on a scheduled release to ensure you have ample time to complete the work and decrease the overwhelm… especially when we get to the tech.

And then…

You’ll have access to our private online forum, a network of healthcare professionals on the same path of building their blog. This group will provide valuable insight and a sounding board for you as you work with throughout the entirety of the course. I’ll also be in the group to help answer your questions and encourage engagement. Details for the forum will be provided in the Introductory Module.


How long is this program? How much time should I commit?

This is an 8-week program. Every week, you’ll receive a Module Bundle containing your video call recording details, your handouts and worksheets. The video calls are between 1-2 hours depending on the topic. You should dedicate approximately 1-5 hours additional hours on the Bundle materials. Total, that’s about 3-6 hours on average every week.

How much is the investment to join the Nurse to Influencer program?

The Nurse to Influencer program is a one-time payment of $497. A payment plan is also available on the registration page, however you’ll save $100 by making the full payment.

By making payment, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Do I have to blog about nursing?

No. This program teaches you the foundation of blogging. You may have other passions outside of your nursing career that you’d like to share with an audience. Whether it’s photography, a fascination with books, cooking, video gaming, etc., the Nurse to Influencer blogging program will help you get started.

I’m am not a tech savvy at all… I don’t even know how to log into WiFi at home. Can you still help me set up my blog?

This is a fabulous question! Many nurses hesitate on starting a blog because they feel like they’ll never get past the tech hurdle. This program is different. I walk you step-by-step through the set up process, helping you through the tech overwhelm. We take our time learning the technology behind blogging over 3 modules (3 weeks)! So yes, if you’re eager to learn, this program will help.

What if I don't have time to watch the video call once it's released?

No problem. Because nurses have varying schedules, I’ve made sure to build flexibility in the program. Each weekly video call is recorded. So you’ll never have to worry about missing a lesson. You’ll receive an email notification once the recording is available, and you’ll be able to watch on your time, when you’re ready.

Marsha, will you be involved in the program?

Of course! Along with my weekly emails to you with your module materials and recorded video call, we’ll also meet up in our private online forum. The forum is where you’ll get feedback from me and other participants concerning the Modules. It’s a 24/7 space, so please remember, we all deserve sleep!

What if I discover the Nurse to Influencer program isn't for me?

No worries. I give you 14 days to participate in the program. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply email us at team@thebossynurse.com, and we’ll process your refund.

What if I have more questions?

Email us at team@thebossynurse.com.

The Nurse to Influencer program is my step-by-step online course that helps you identify and implement the tools and resources you'll need to get your blog up & running-- in just 8 weeks.

Let’s stop with the ‘someday’ and start building your blog today. Sometimes it’s that easy.

Start before you’re ready.


If you’re not satisfied with the Nurse to Influencer program, there is a 14-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Send your request to team@thebossynurse.com.

The Nurse to Influencer program has a payment plan (check out the registration page), however you’ll save $100 by making the full payment.

By making payment, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.