Praise for Marsha

Raves + Reviews
I’ve worked with Marsha, attended her events, and even been interviewed for her podcast.  She always works hard, learns fast, and is able to adapt to any situation.  I’ve seen her set up a conference and a podcast, both in record time.  She makes seemingly impossible tasks, not only possible, but exceptional and timely.

Everything Marsha’s done has been awesome and every time I’m impressed by her work ethic and talent for learning in record time.

Brian Park, RN [Founder, Nabee Socks]

Marsha Battee is a forward-thinking, savvy, and brilliant nurse entrepreneur who brings deep knowledge and intuitive know-how to the entrepreneurial space. Marsha has so much to offer, and I highly recommend her as a nurse leader, a 21st-century nurse entrepreneur, and a stellar human being.

Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC [Co-Founder, RNFM Radio + Holistic Career Coach for Nurses at NurseKeith.com]

Marsha is a dedicated, consummate professional Nurse and Nurse Entrepreneur.

She has mastery in the area of business startups. Simply put- work with her!

Annette Tersigni, RN [The Yoga Nurse + Founder, Yoga Nurse Academy]

Marsha has been extremely inspirational to my Nursing Business.

Marsha gives you the knowledge and motivation to move to the next level as a Nurse Business Leader.

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN [Founder, Nursing Success College + The Nurse Dolls]

Marsha has helped me step outside of my comfort zone and maximize every opportunity to grow my business and build my brand. Marsha, is very supportive, resourceful, encouraging and approachable.

Before this I was teaching 1-2 people in a class every other month or so. After posting my website and at the end of my challenge with Marsha, I had my first class with 10 people and scheduled two classes in one day. Don’t delay… get started. It will be the best thing to do for you and your business.

Keilani Smith-Middleton [Founder, Revive a Life CPR]

I am stoked to count Marsha, a fellow nurse, as a mentor and guide as I take my graphic design/consulting skills and ideas to the next level.

She gave me the tangible tools to hone in on my product and target client population, not to mention the many resources she shared that gave me plenty of food for thought on the next steps I should take to move things to the next level.

My session with Marsha was not only fun and informative, it helped me get over many of my own doubts about getting started, and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Aita A., RN [Graphic Design Consultant] 

Marsha is a leader and excellent trainer.

I worked with her to start a new business and was constantly amazed with her entrepreneurial skills. She is a wonderful resource for people starting a new business or those who want to grow  their business. 

Her work is packed with useful first-hand information that will bring  immediate benefits. 

I learned a lot.

Dina Towbin [President, Dina Towbin & Associates]

I learned a lot from Marsha right in the beginning, and I discovered so much that I was missing in my business! I was so paralyzed by big picture, lacked confidence in my ideas and decisions and had a fear of success until I worked with her!

Marsha really challenged me to dig deep, do the work and I truly learned what I needed to work on to be a better business woman and better person overall! I owe all my business success to Marsha Battee.

Thank you so much!

Ruth Carter-Hickman [Ruth Carter Photography]