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Also, check out the FAQ’s below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work with you?

Easy… check out my programs’ page where you’ll find more information on my digital products, private and group coaching or my upcoming event.

We would like to interview you for our blog, podcast or project. How can we do this?

Awesome! Complete the form above and include your details about the opportunity. If we’re a good fit, we’ll arrange a time to get together!

Can you speak at our event?

I’d love to… If our messages and audience align, please complete the form above and send over the details about your event, and we’ll send over a speaker’s packet.

I love speaking about the following topics with nurses: mindset, self-care, business/career, travel and lifestyle design.

How do I start a coaching or consulting business?

Oooo… what a loaded question. 

It really depends. There are service-based (e.g., BLS schools, health writers, staffing agencies) and product-based businesses (e.g., creating a scrub line or software app). You can also have a combination of both. 

If you’re interested in finding out what you need to help you get started  and would like some inspiration on ideas, check out my 25 Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurship guide or my How to Become a Nurse Entrepreneur mini-course. If you’d like to work with me personally for coaching, send me a message using the form on this page.

Also– Mindset first! And working with me, we’ll move past the fear.

What happens during coaching?

I coach nurses, like you, who want to live their best lives. We work on creating the right mindset to help you build the right business for you, indulge in your passions, and design the lifestyle you truly dream about.

We take deep dives into setting your intentions, come up with action plans, and accomplishing the necessary steps to help you achieve your goals. Those goals can include identifying the right business idea and message for you, building your website, creating your products and services and then getting your first client.

If you’re interested in coaching, get on my calendar, and let’s chat.

Do I have to be an expert at "X" to get started with business?

Short answer– No, but it’s nice if you are!

And by doing the work, you will be.

This question is probably one of those beliefs that’s kept you (and other nurses) from taking the leap. You may have even been told that you have to be the “guru” in your field. That’s a mindset issue.

We all have expertise in our own experiences and perspectives. So in that respect, you have valuable information to share and someone can and will want to learn from you.

That’s what makes you and your services unique. You have a voice, and your ideal client or customer wants to hear it! 

Then, when you share your work on a more consistent basis, you become the expert.

No worries– we all start at the beginning.

Do I have to start a healthcare-related business?

Only if you want to. Look… I love being a nurse. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my career. However, I also have other passions– travel, self-care, teaching, mentoring and helping nurses like you start businesses. We all have things we enjoy outside of healthcare.

My first business– touring clients around some of my favorite places in Greece and Turkey! A far cry from the business of being an actual nurse. 

So go ahead. Whether is graphic design, photography, life coaching or some other passion, it’s totally possible!

A lot of people don't know me. How can I get started if I don't have thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram?

The same way I started without thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram or… TikTok.

…At the beginning. At zero.

Having a huge audience is great, especially when they’re engaged and really care about hearing your voice. However, you don’t have to line up a huge following before you get started. Some businesses are geared towards smaller audiences, but can still make a big impact. Don’t let a lack of followers on social media prevent you from getting started. Your business will grow over time.

What's with the name "The Bossy Nurse?"

No, it doesn’t involve me and an unruly patient for a power struggle.

It was a bakery in Hoboken, before I started blogging. I knew I wanted to start my blog but wanted a name that was memorable.

A friend and I were in her new city in Jersey and decided to go out and explore for the day. We came across Carlo’s Bakery, better known as Cake Boss. As we enjoyed our sightseeing, the name ‘Cake Boss’ would not escape me. In my head, I played with a few variations of his name, and then had my ‘aha’ moment and settled on The Bossy Nurse. So, that’s it!


Marsha Battee is a mindset and business coach for nurses looking to turn their passion and expertise into an online coaching or consulting business. 

Marsha began her entrepreneurial journey at startup Nabee Socks before starting a travel firm and creating her own technology company. She knows firsthand how to push past fear and create the right mindset for business and incorporates this into her coaching.

Marsha founded The RN Podcast, earning the iTunes “New & Noteworthy” designation, was a health writer at NurseGail.com, and has spoken for the Art of Nursing 2.0, Project Getaway in Bali, and Wealth & Wellness LIVE. Her work has been featured in KRWG and the Albuquerque Journal.

Marsha is a board-certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and holds a certificate in Full-Stack Website Development. Her muse is travel, having explored 17 countries. Marsha currently works for a federal agency and lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.