Are you finding you don’t have the time for CEUs when pursuing entrepreneurship?

Maybe you’ve felt like taking another class or going to another conference was just a waste of time.

But, when you take a closer look at those opportunities, not only are CEUs keeping you current in you position for the moment (and truth be told…. keeping you employed), what you get out of them can prove invaluable for you when you start your new business or plan on moving your business forward with those big goals.

So often we get so eager to move on to another opportunity, we forget there’s still learning in the process.

And if you’re on that journey to entrepreneurship, there are ways to stay fulfilled while moving towards a lifestyle of freedom. You can still benefit from what your current position may offer (and its necessary requirements), and you may even be surprised at what you can gain from the experience.

Case In Point

In October, I attended the International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice hosted by the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) in Phoenix, Arizona.

IAFN logoIt was such an amazing opportunity to be there for the first time, and I spent four days learning new skills and exploring various opportunities in the forensic world of nursing, as well as taking notes on all the needed updates that I can utilize in my own forensic practice.

It was also an opportunity to spend time with nurses who already share the same work and quest for knowledge on the same topic. Plus, we got the chance to participate in some much needed self-care activities, as seen in the photo below… hiking in the hills near our hotel.Hiking in Phoenix

So how can attending events like the IAFN conference and earning CEUs help me (and you) in business?

Well, in 4 ways:

  1. You can always learn a new skill. While at the conference, there were many sessions that increased my knowledge in the field of forensic nursing. At the same time, I was able to build on my skills that I utilize in my businesses as well. Of note was a session on public speaking. Although the talk was tailored towards nurses educating others on the work in forensic science, the whole session could have easily been applied to any field. From that talk, I took away many gold nuggets that I plan to incorporate into future speaking engagements, and I’m excited that I’ve learn new ways to connect with my audience.
  2. You can make new connections. You may be participating in an event because it’s required for your job or will help you learn something new, but the true gift is making a connection with people from all over the country, or in this case, the world. Now, I’m a true introvert. I thrive and get replenished from my alone time. I absolutely love solitude and being in the presence of my own thoughts and actions. However, being placed in an atmosphere where you’re constantly surrounded by new people lends itself to connecting with something outside of yourself. I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from people all over the world. And now, I have a new set of resources to pull from when questions arise or people to connect with if I’m just looking for an expert to guide me in my forensic practice or in my travel business.
  3. You can nourish the old connections. While I had the opportunity to meet new people, the Conference also provided ample time for me to get to know my own colleagues, their hopes, their dreams and their fears. We connected in ways that otherwise would have never presented itself when working together. Plus, we had so much fun in our downtime exploring the area around us and learning about each others joys and guilty pleasures as well.
  4. You can practice your story. It never fails. No matter what event I attend, work related or not, I’m inevitably asked, “so, what do you do?” or “where do you work?” This provided me the perfect opportunity to practice the delivery as related to my forensic nursing practice as well as for my business outside of nursing. For instance, when I get this question, I often state that I help nurses start their own businesses. If interested, they’re usually prompted to ask further questions, thus giving me the perfect opportunity to practice and hone in on my story of what I do, how I help nurses, and potentially how I can help them. Most of the time, you can tell whether someone has a good grasp on what you do by their response or continuing interest through questions… and a good sign, when they say, “How can I learn more?”

So although I attended the conference to help me in my current practice as a forensic nurse and earn CEUs, I gained so much more!

What about you? What learning opportunities do you have coming up in your current position that could help you in your quest towards entrepreneurship?

Let us know in the comments below.


Marsha Battee - Headshot 4Marsha Battee is a Lifestyle Design Strategist for Nurse Entrepreneurs. 

Her signature program, the 30 Day Startup Challenge, helps nurses clarify their message and take an idea to launch (or relaunch) in 30 Days. Marsha is also the owner of RNGetaways.com where nurses “travel for fun, not work.”

With a passion for business & a commitment to self-care, Marsha is hosting a LIVE, 2-day event in April 2015 guiding nurses and nurse entrepreneurs in the care of their mind, body, soul & business. Want to know more and get EXCLUSIVE offers and discounts only for the Bossy Nurse Community? Sign up here, and you’ll be the first to get notice when registration opens.


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