Are you feeling frustrated in your nursing career?

As nurses, we’re natural caregivers. We give our heart, mind and soul to our nursing career. We give unselfishly. We nurture others and give wholeheartedly, sometimes giving it all when we’re nearly on empty.

And in those times of giving what seems to be the best of us, we can still often feel frustrated.

  • Frustrated in the lack of resources, at the least, to provide adequate care
  • Frustrated by the barriers to promote a healthy environment not only for our patients, but for our colleagues
  • Frustrated from the minimal support from those in the position to provide policies necessary to improve the states of affairs in healthcare

What’s missing in this equation?

Empowerment! And, at the same time, empowerment must from come from within. Oftentimes, it may be challenging to insert the nurses’ voice into the equation of healthcare when it comes to making the important decisions that affect those we serve. In that respect, we often must make our own path in solving key issues in providing care for those around us… and for ourselves as well.

By incorporating a few simple principles, nurses can leave those feelings of frustration behind and begin to really feel empowered and fulfilled in their careers. Nursing can become, again, that career we once dreamed of– taking great care of patients, having the time to complete our work in a shift’s time, and going home feeling satisfied after a productive, healing day.

So how do we avoid the burnout to go from frustration to fulfilled?

The answer is often there right before us, but sometimes we’re so busy, we often neglect the tools that are available to really make our practice better.

Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD, has created that tool. With over 30 years of experience in nursing and law, Lorie has been on the front lines of care and also behind the scenes, helping nurses who have faced the challenges in doing their job effectively.

In her new book, From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System, Lorie works with a number of nurse authors in creating this highly effective tool that gives nurses the tips and strategies to totally transform the way they treat their patients, empower themselves to be better advocates in care, and take the reigns in creating policy and an environment where healthcare truly thrives. 

From fighting dinosaurs, freeing our power, and finding that inner assertiveness, each chapter explores real-life challenges and puts forth solutions for finding out what works in navigating the healthcare system through the eyes of an empowered nurse.

From Frustrated to Fulfilled guides nurses in their quest for fulfillment. As Lorie emphasizes the importance of using our G.I.F.T.S. (giving, integrity, focus + follow through, trust, and source ), she implores us to take the first step towards empowerment. And in doing so, we achieve gratification and contentment in our daily work. We embody the empowered nurse!

Want to start your journey to empowerment? Get Lorie’s book here.


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