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In this episode of The RN Podcast, I give you a few tips to help you declutter your life so that you can put more focus on what’s important for you in business and when designing your ideal lifestyle.

So, it’s time to declutter. And here are 5 tips to help you out!

#1 – Declutter Your Brain

It’s challenging to be productive in at work, in starting your business, at home or even when you’re trying to enjoy fun activities that you have planned if your brain is constantly full of so many ideas running around in your head.

And, what’s worse… You may have some of those ideas written down all over your desk, all over your home, on the refrigerator, etc… Notes all reminding you of things you must do and people you need to follow up with.

To remedy this, there’s a great way to keep track of your mile-long to-do list so you can help decrease that brain clutter.

TIP: Try an organized brain dump. Grab a sheet of paper, a journal or create an electronic document to keep all of your ideas in one place.

Make 3 columns on that document and label each column either Urgent, Important, and Not Important. Then, set a timer 15-20 mintues.

Next, place all of your ideas from your head and those scraps of paper and all over your home in the column that’s most appropriate for the task. Work on them accordingly, and this helps keep all of those inspirational bursts in one place.

And keep that paper, notebook or document at hand, and commit to putting any new ideas or to-dos on that one list to help keep you organized. It’s much easier to cross things off of a list, if you actually have the list. And I know when I do this, my mind feels a lot clearer!

#2 – Declutter Your Email Messages

Email can be a huge time-consumer. Especially if it’s the first thing you give your attention to when you hop out of bed in the morning and if you’re subscribed to a number of newsletters that can clog up your email inbox.

TIP: I use a tool called Unroll.me. It helps reduce the amount of clutter by scanning your email inbox for subscriptions then allows you to unsubscribe from a number of unwanted email newsletters at once. Or, you can choose to “rollup” those subscriptions into one email daily in one fell swoop! And, it’s free.

Similarly, there are other tools out there, so do your research and choose the right option for you.

#3 – Declutter Your Online Space

Just like unsubscribing from unwanted email newsletters or email that you just don’t have the time for, do the same with social media.

TIP: First, you can try turning off your notifications for any of the apps you frequent on your smartphone, including Facebook, Twitter, Periscope (my guilty pleasure), etc.

Then, unsubscribe from groups and forums that you don’t participate in or add in any way to your productivity.

#4 – Declutter Your Commitments

Say “no” to things and people that don’t help you advance your goals in any way. All of that extra time can be used building your vision for your ideal lifestyle and getting clarity on what you really want in your own life.

TIP: Say “no” right off the bat. If this is a little difficult for you, try “I’ll think about it” to get you immediately off the hook if you’re asked to commit to something by surprise. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to render a proper “no” when the time comes to do so.

#5 – Declutter Your Home

As a frequent traveler this summer, moving around from one place to the next has forced me to downsize to one carry-on and a backpack, containing all of the clothing I own (about 22 pieces with the exception of a few winter coats, scarves, and my favorite boots back home in a box tucked away in my friend’s basement).

Although I left DC with much more, I’ve been able to declutter and narrow down my clothing needs to a few key pieces. The remaining just took up space, and so I donated the extra clothing to an immigrants’ social center serving Syrian refugees and others in the region during my time in Athens, Greece.

If you’re up for the challenge, try giving away or selling some of your unused possessions on a frequent basis.

TIP: Start with one focus (your wardrobe, your kitchen, your basement)… Then daily, choose 5 items that you can donate, sell, or trash. If you don’t have the time to do this daily, do it weekly and try choosing 20 items.

Don’t try to declutter your home all at once. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed at the job and may never finish because of the pain of such a huge undertaking. So, start by go slow.

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Are you up for the challenge? Which one of the tips above are you willing to incorporate right away? Please feel free to comment below and then share this post.


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