Do you know what it means to Nurse from Within?

Nursing can be tough! And most of the time, you may be finding that you’re just struggling to get by… just to get through the day!

And yes, those daily challenges seem insurmountable:

  • Four nurses on a floor when the matrix states 6, consistently…
  • Charting until there’s no end in sight (Who has time for patients, right?!)
  • Pre-shift huddles that seem to only have the purpose of dinging you for your ever-declining patient (dis)satisfaction scores.
  • Impromptu audits on improper hand-washing techniques when you’ve just been caught that one time you actually didn’t perform hand-hygiene. Ugh!
  • No lunch break… or bathroom break… or simply a moment to yourself for 12 full hours! Admit it, you’d simply go mad if this were your situation at home.

Now, take a moment to breathe.

In those moments of nursing that require our unwavering dedication, the utmost care, and focus outside of self, we often wonder if we can last another day. With that in mind, how often do you stop and take time out to take care of your own needs? That’s the real struggle, right? What do you do to get yourself ready for the next day and do it all over again?

The majority of the time, if we apply simple, easy-to-follow techniques in self-care we can learn to appreciate nursing and truly end that love-hate relationship. We CAN actually stop the struggle, nurse from within, and have that healthy connection that we truly need and desire with nursing once and for all.

So how do you Nurse from Within?

Well, I’ve discovered some help from Spiritual Practice Nurse, Speaker, Reiki Master and certified coach Elizabeth Scala.

In her recent book, Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds, Elizabeth highlights the real reasons we’re struggling in our field— partially a lack of new perspective and self-care. And, she points out these challenges by illustrating her own experiences of feeling overworked and being a bit burned out.

As a nurse with a background in the mental health arena, Elizabeth knows all about self-care and the necessary shifts of perspective needed to make nursing great. Not just for the patient, but for the nurse and the profession as well.

Nursing from Within gives practical, highly tailored solutions from a space of happiness and healing that focuses on your spiritual, mental and physical well-being. She teaches that in order to change nursing, we must first make changes from within. And by doing that, we can approach the challenges with a new vision and from a healthier, well-balanced place.

Elizabeth highlights those areas in our lives that give us purpose and teaches us how to learn from each experience. She makes you dig deep and answer those toughest questions about your chosen career and helps you to focus on what’s important: taking care of yourself as well as your patients. She shares inspirational stories and guides us on how to change our thoughts, and ultimately our lives.

So what does it mean to Nurse from Within?

In her own words, Elizabeth shares:

Nursing from within is about finding your passions, your purpose and working with integrity on a daily basis. Nursing from within is about enjoying your job so that it doesn’t have to feel like work anymore.

So are you ready to try a new perspective! Grab her book here.


Nursing from Within™ is an innovative and uplifting guide for nurses at all levels of the profession. Learn how to shift your inner perspective so you can enjoy the work of helping others, regardless of how stressful or challenging the environment you are working in may be. Are you ready to rediscover the joy and passion of nursing? ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds’ is available now. Get your copy today by visiting Elizabeth Scala’s site, or purchase directly from Amazon.


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