Let’s explore what’s possible and get you clear on the business you build and the services you offer.

Package your passion and expertise & launch your business.

Whether you’re an aspiring consultant, health coach, life coach or want to build a business from your passion or expertise…

Let’s take your inherent talents to launch a business and make an impact on a much larger scale.

Benefits of Coaching with Marsha

*Creating the right mindset around what’s possible for you in business.

*Solidifying your idea and creating your website and brand to bring awareness to your work.

*Knowing your ideal clients like the back of your hand.

*Providing the right services that solves the exact problem your clients have to a tee.

*Implementing your work in way that feels so intuitive that you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started. 

*Having the right support that inspires and encourages you to succeed.

Results after Coaching with Marsha

*A clear brand and message for your ideal business.

*Your website fully built and online.

*Your first premium service or offer ready to sell.

*A business launch and online open house.

Marsha is a dedicated, consummate professional Nurse and Nurse Entrepreneur. She has mastery in the area of business startups. Simply put- work with her!

Annette Tersigni, RN

Founder, YogaNurse Academy

How Will Coaching Work?


3-Month private coaching engagement with one 6-hour VIP Day.

An additional half-day VIP day included with full payment.

LIVE, private weekly video calls (12), homework and email support as needed in between coaching calls.

A private online Facebook group to engage with Marsha and other participants for the coaching period.

BONUS: Free ticket to LIVE event held in Washington, DC in Fall 2020.


3-Month coaching engagement sessions in a group setting.

A half-day VIP day included with full payment.

LIVE and recorded weekly video calls (12) in a group setting with weekly emailed homework and handouts.

A private online Facebook group to engage with Marsha and other participants for the coaching period.

BONUS: Free ticket to LIVE event held in Washington, DC in Fall 2020.


You like the idea of working from home, having a location-independent business or a side hustle so that you can have more time, money and freedom.

You’re new or confused in your business and may or may not have the right business idea.

You want to learn how to sell services based on your passion or expertise (e.g., life coaching, health coaching, graphic design, photography, etc).

You need to build a website and would like help to get you through all of the technical hurdles.

You’re looking to become the go-to leader or expert in your industry.

You’re ready and able to invest in yourself and coaching– plus you’re able to receive critical feedback for success.


You only enjoy working within an organization and don’t see the possibility of starting a venture on your own.

You’re not interested in starting a business or the thought of starting a business is not something you would enjoy.

Your business is based ONLY on manufactured goods or physical products, and you do not intend to provide a service (e.g., medical devices).

You’re not interested in being a leader in your identified field or helping people create massive change or improvement in their lives.

You’re not willing or ready to invest in yourself and coaching at this time or complete the necessary work to succeed in business.


Marsha Battee is a forward-thinking, savvy, and brilliant nurse entrepreneur who brings deep knowledge and intuitive know-how to the entrepreneurial space. Marsha has so much to offer, and I highly recommend her as a nurse leader, a 21st-century nurse entrepreneur, and a stellar human being.

Keith Carlson, RN

Co-Founder, RNFM Radio + Holistic Career Coach for Nurses at NurseKeith.com

Not quite ready for coaching or need some inspiration on how to get started in starting a business?

Check out my 25 Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurship guide or my How to Become a Nurse Entrepreneur mini-course.

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