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What is a Nurse Entrepreneur?

A Simple Definition: A nurse entrepreneur is a nurse who designs, launches, and runs a business within or outside of the healthcare industry.

Entrepreneurship allows nurses to provide products or services to clients or customers in order to make a profit. It also means being responsible for your business’ success as well as its challenges.

Need some ideas on how to become a Nurse Entrepreneur?

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business and have no idea where to begin, this guide can give you all of the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Here, you’ll find 25 different ways nurses have started their own businesses… some may be new on your radar! And of course, this list isn’t all inclusive.

About the Author

Marsha Battee, Lifestyle Design Strategist at TheBossyNurse.com, teaches nurses how to live their best lives by helping them create the right mindset, eliminate burnout, indulge in their passions and earn more money.

She created this guide for nurses in her community who often ask, “How to Become a Nurse Entrepreneur.” Make sure you check it out.

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