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I have often been asked by nurses in my community about starting an assisted living facility or program. Often, I’ve answered the question by stating something along the lines of:


  • “I have no idea!”
  • “I’m not an expert on ALF’s.”
  • “Unfortunately, I can’t give you any guidance around that.”

So, after getting asked this question several times– and with the desire to have a better answer– I decided to do my own research.

My goal was to be able to give basic information and resources for those interested in getting started, and to refer them to individuals who did this work everyday.

And in my research, I put on my “I’m interested in starting a business” nursing hat and discovered many reasons why I, as a nurse, would not start an ALF (and some reasons why you would).

This could be a controversial video, but I wanted to give my opinion from a nurse interested in the coaching and consulting realm– where startup costs can be as little as $100– with time + energy… not often the case when starting an ALF.

So, watch with an open mind. And if starting an ALF is for you, make sure you’re working with a coach or consultant to help you get up and running.

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And feel free to leave comments below. You may help another nurse get the information they need. 

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