Happy National Nurses Week!

May 6th marked the beginning of National Nurses’ Week. And to celebrate, The RN Podcast is celebrating with GIVEAWAYS and by hosting a podcast episode each weekday to commemorate nurses and all that we do. Learn more here!

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Nurse Cristina Lipinski can teach you a thing or two about athletic-inspired clothing. In fact, she’s creating it!

With a background in creating designer wares for her daughter’s ice-skating competitions and a spouse with mandatory, uninspiring medical scrubs and colors, Cristina had a light bulb moment. Using her knowledge of design and both her and her husband’s expertise in patient care, they knew that a new way of expression was on the horizon.

That’s when DX Apparel was born.

In this episode of The RN Podcast, Cristina speaks on her journey from nurse to nurse entrepreneur that sparked a burst of creativity in creating a medical uniform line that’s triathlon-grade and tailored to provide the best fit, all while complimenting the work of the medical professional.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • What it takes to make a business a hobby
  • The truth behind the fashion industry about mentors and why it’s necessary to have them
  • Why outsourcing is necessary for business and the popular places to find contractors
  • The best resources for anyone looking to create a fashion line

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