Happy National Nurses Week!

May 6th marked the beginning of National Nurses’ Week. And to celebrate, The RN Podcast is celebrating with GIVEAWAYS and by hosting a podcast episode each weekday to commemorate nurses and all that we do. Learn more here!

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In his very first podcast interview, Brian Park, Founder of Nabee Socks, Speaks on Business, Travel and Freedom!

RN and Founder of Nabee Socks, Brian Park, studied nursing at Georgetown University and received his Clinical Support Hypnotherapist certification from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. After working as a nurse in a surgical intensive care unit for 3 years, Brian decided to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship and founded Nabee Socks, a compression sock company with character!

Since that time, Brian has worked hard to make Nabee Socks the most awesome compression socks in the world; cooperating with medical garment manufacturers, creative designers, and medical professionals to continually improve his brand. 

Brian also had his first speaking engagement at Wealth & Wellness LIVE, a conference for nurses looking to start a business and get self-care in the process.

Brian’s business has given him the privilege to travel all over the world, recently throughout Southeast Asia, Japan & Turkey, and his business is now on track to gross $500,000 in 2015.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Why Brian made the decision to quit his nursing job and venture to entrepreneurship.
  • How to produce, manufacture and test a product idea and the key book that began his entrepreneurial venture.
  • Tools and resources he uses that are vital to his business and can help you, too.
  • How self-care practices are an important part of business, and the daily therapy routines he practices everyday.

Show Notes & Resources

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  • Visit Nabee Socks online
  • Why Brian went into Nursing (00:01:08) and the opportunities that arose after gaining experience (00:06:00)
  • Why Brian created Nabee Socks (00:07:46)
  • How Kickstarter helped get his business off the ground (00:14:50)
  • Brian’s systems of automation that gives him more free time (00:22:11)
  • Brian speaks on his distribution deal with Amazon (00:27:00)
  • Expected revenue for Nabee Socks in 2015 (00:34:57)
  • Traveling while running a business and what Brian learned from that experience (00:44:27)
  • Brian’s favorite place in traveling that connected him to Syrian refugees and where you should go if you have little money or an abundance (00:48:13)
  • Brian’s biggest tip for travelers (00:55:30)
  • Hypnotherapy and meditation practice, and what Brian does everyday to keep him connected (00:57:45)
  • Brian speaks on his purpose of life and why we all may have it all wrong (01:11:41)
  • Brian’s most useful books for business and personal development, and the mentors he follows online (01:21:02)
  • Connect with Brian online: LinkedInFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Join Wealth & Wellness LIVE in 2016, ‘the’ event for nurses and nurse entrepreneurs
  • Marsha’s tours going on this summer

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