If you’ve read my post about why I quit my nursing nursing job, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you not to.

Quitting your job because you want that ideal lifestyle of being your own boss, having more free time and traveling the world MAY NOT be the best thing for you right now… and I highlight those reasons below.

But, I can relate to all the reasons why you want to…

  • You may be extremely exhausted from yesterday’s and today’s 12-hour shift, and the thought of going back tomorrow only brings you to tears.
  • You may even have 4 days off during the typical work week. But somehow, those 4 days don’t ever feel like enough time to get you well rested and ready to take on the next day.
  • You don’t want to flip-flop between day and night shifts every. single. week.
  • You want to sit down at work… even if it’s just for 5 minutes!
  • You want a year when you can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and friends on the actual day itself, not that “let’s-celebrate-the-day-before” ritual.
  • You want to at least take a lunch break where you have all 30 minutes to yourself. Let’s not even mention wanting more than that 30 minute lunch break in a 12-hour shift on your feet anyway!
  • You want to get recognized for all of the hard the work that you do and feel like you’re making a difference. (I’m sure we can all admit that validation sometimes does feel good, right?)
  • Or, if you’re in administration, you simply may want a break from bureaucracy.

Look… I hear you.


And, I know the thought of working as your own boss and starting your business right now can be an exciting time. But if you’re tempted to put in your 2-week notice, sneer at your boss and flip the bird on your way out the door? DON’T!

You shouldn’t have your ideal lifestyle right now and quit everything else…

… Unless, of course, you’re independently wealthy and sitting on the beach drinking Mai Thai’s into the sunset with your work and computer nearby is already second nature.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you don’t have that bank roll. But, there are options that may be right for you. Having a truly independent, purposely crafted, adventurous lifestyle comes with a lot of work and dedication.


1 – Do you have clarity on your business idea and potential client or customers?

Yes, I know my mantra is “start before you’re ready”, but you should have some idea of your business model and how you plan to make money before putting in your notice. That’s the “start before you’re ready” part.

And, it’s okay to figure out the logistics after you’ve already gotten the general concept down, but if you have no idea what you’re going to do AT ALL, explore your options first.

It won’t be fun to enjoy your freedom but WORRY about your rent, right? So make sure you have your backup plan first. And, your business model IS an acceptable backup plan… if it’s been proven to work already.

This option may get you on the road to success a lot sooner… and hitting those sandy sunsets, too.

2 – Can you switch to Per Diem (or even part-time) first.

If you’re working at a place that provides a Per Diem position, consider making the leap. When doing so, you’ll often find that there are plenty of benefits that will translate into:

  • More time
  • More money
  • Less stress
  • Better health
  • Better relationships

And, here are some possible tangible benefits to making the switch and eventually help you get your business off the ground.

You may have complete control over your schedule. This was most important for me when I first made the leap to go Per Diem. Per Diem positions can sometimes allow you full reign over your schedule, making a big difference in your work-life balance. And the best part is that you’ll find time to schedule time to work on your other passion of building a business and finally work towards having the freedom you dream about.

For instance, in my former Per Diem position (before things drastically changed as I talked about here), my requirement was working six 12-hour shifts in 8 weeks. And I got to choose the dates! So, I made sure to plan my schedule around days of my favorite activities and most productive work days. For me, I enjoyed scheduling myself to work the day shift on Wednesdays. It doesn’t break up my weekend in case I want to take an extended time off.

And, it leaves time to take care of business, during typical business days and hours when I most need it.

You can fund your true passion. Let’s face it. We all have other loves outside of nursing. So while you may have started on building your nest egg, you don’t won’t to deplete it by using all of your savings to start your business.

Staying at work a bit longer (in a position better suited for entrepreneurship, i.e., Per Diem) will help you with your financial goals, and may even keep you less stressed about money coming in. At least you’ll have a set amount of income while working until your business begins to flourish.

You can pick up shifts with no pressure. By taking on a Per Diem position, you may find that your place of employment may have additional hours for you to pick up as well. Sometimes the need is just that great. And, the best part about picking up is if you choose to work more than 3 days during one week, you GET TO CHOOSE those days.

So, even if you’re not ready to take less time off just yet, having a Per Diem position will give you more options, on your terms and according to your schedule. And a great bonus… You may even have the opportunity to work only 8 hours instead of 12, especially on those Mondays! 

Day or night shifts anyone? This can also be a benefit. Oftentimes, if your place of employment has great needs, you may get to choose to work day shifts or night shifts. Choices are great!

You’ll most likely have more cash in your pocket. If you’re lucky, your Per Diem position may even pay you more than your current position. When I went Per Diem in my last position, my pay was a 50% increase over what I was making working full-time. And then for those weeks you decide to do overtime, you’ll have a big nice bonus waiting for you on your next paycheck.

Get more out of your holidays! By switching to Per Diem, your holiday requirement can be a bit better than a full-time staffer… maybe one or two major holidays a year only! When I was working as a Per Diem nurse, our unit instituted a new policy for staff nurses who worked full-time. 

As a full-time staffer, if your holiday of choice to work was Christmas and New Year’s… you then had to also work the day before! So essentially…. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! So that plan to spend some time with family and friends outside of the holiday won’t happen. Especially that day-before-celebration! (Glad I went Per Diem at the time!)

**So, some of your may be thinking that Per Diem may not even be an option for you, especially with a family and the need for health insurance (along with the other benefits of full-time work).

A second option: Go part-time. With part-time work, you may very well have the option to get benefits. So health insurance may be included in your offer (along with other typical benefits given to full-time employees). Also, if you are at a place with great need for staffing, you still may be able to work your regular full-time schedule on a part-time basis.

So with that, you’ll probably be able to pick that extra day or two that you decide to work during the week. Part-time pay, however, may usually be comparable if not the same as what you’re getting now, especially at the same place of employment.

A third option: Go Per Diem with an agency. You may find that you’ll have benefits offered to you from day one of working. There are many agencies out there, so make sure you do your research and weigh the pros vs. the cons of each option you have to make the best decision for you and your family.

3 – Do you have the right mindset?

Last but not least… the right foundation: mindset.

If we’re honest, the one thing that often holds us back from trying anything new, anything risky…. is mindset.

Having a negative mindset (“I can’t” or “I don’t even see how that’s possible” or even a “Maybe…”) can paralyze us into inaction. This stagnates our goals and puts our dreams on hold.

Key to a great mindset is know that failure is a given in business. No one succeeds without it. Just remember, once things don’t go as plan, you must commit to picking yourself back up and trying it again.

So what do you think? Are you thinking about quitting but don’t have a plan in place quite yet? Will these tips help you out? Feel free to comment below.

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