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Elizabeth ScalaElizabeth Scala is well-known in the nursing community as an innovator.

From her experiences in her nursing career, she has created her own ideal lifestyle and shares tips on how others can do the same.

Elizabeth is a sought-after speaker, author, Reiki Master, spiritual practice nurse and entrepreneur.

In our very first episode of The RN Podcast, Elizabeth takes us on her journey from how she actually chose nursing as a career (actually, she didn’t), experienced a bit of burnout, and then made some dramatic shifts in her own life that gave her a new outlook on how we care for patients, as well as ourselves.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The meaning of ‘Nursing from Within’
  • The best advice Elizabeth gives to nursing students
  • How Elizabeth went from burnout to bliss
  • The importance of having a coach in entrepreneurship

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